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How to earn, spend and save WeFiFo cookies…

Cookies are our online currency, unique to WeFiFo. Think of them as our own, highly desirable, bartering tool. The idea behind cookies is simple, the more you collect, the more rewards you’re given.

It’s as simple as that. You can start collecting them right away and once you’ve earned yourself 100 Cookies, you can trade them for a £10 voucher to use as part or full payment for an event. We’ve made it as easy as possible to get a full jar right away. Here’s how…

Join us… 5 cookies

Let’s get those cookies crumbling! Complete our sign up page and we’ll start you off with 5 Cookies in your jar. Minute for minute, these are the easiest cookies you’ll ever earn. Our sign up takes less than a minute. Easy treats.

Complete your online profile… 6 cookies

There are three sections to complete and there are two Cookies up for grabs each time you complete a section. We reckon it will take you a maximum of seven minutes to get your next six cookies under your belt.

Hosting your first event… 10 cookies

It’s win-win! Host your event and as well as starting to earn real money we’ll put 10 cookies in your jar! And for each subsequent event you host, we’ll give you 2 more Cookies.

Review an event you attend… 2 cookies

We don’t encourage tipping when you eat at a WeFiFo event – the price of the meal includes your service. But we do encourage reviews and ratings. Reviews help to build a cook’s reputation so are vital to their career at WeFiFo. To encourage you even more (beyond the good manners that would automatically have you recommending a great home cook to the wider world) we will put 2 Cookies in your jar when you review an event you’ve attended.

Health & Safety… 5 cookies

These Cookies don’t come easily. You’re committing to an e-learning course that could take you four hours. But the joy will come when you receive your Level 2 Food Safety in Catering Certificate. And then the icing on the cake? 5 more Cookies.

Receive your first review… 10 cookies

This is a moment to celebrate. You’ve just received your very first 5 cupcake review and if that’s not enough to make you run around the kitchen throwing your tea towel in the air, we’re going to pop 10 Cookies in your jar – just for being awesome. And every time you get a 5 cupcake review in the future, we’ll chuck in another 2. Just because.

Nominate a cook… 5 cookies

The more cooks there are in your community, the more fun we are all going to have. We know there are other cooks, just like you, that have huge amounts of talent and are just not getting the recognition they deserve. Nominate the best home cook you know and we’ll put 5 Cookies in your jar. (And they’ll get 5 Cookies to help them start their journey too!) Here’s a quick link but hurry back, we’ve got more to tell you.

Be nominated… 5 cookies

Whoop! Somebody took the trouble to nominate you as the best home cook they know. In recognition of your brilliance, we’re going to give you 5 Cookies to get your Cookie habit started.

Post an event on social media… 5 cookies (per platform)

This is a very quick win… instant Cookie gratification. We’ll give you 5 Cookies for each platform you post an event on (either before or afterwards). Instagram tag @wefifo_, Facebook tag @wefifo, Twitter tag @wefifo… and in all cases please #YourPlaceOrMine for the best possible publicity.

Booking your first event… 10 cookies

To spend Cookies, you’ve got to earn them. By simply joining a table and tucking in you’re automatically adding 10 Cookies to your Cookie jar.

If all this talk of Cookies has made you hungry, book an event and we’ll give you 10 Cookies right away. And then, every time you book an event we’ll give you two more. See? We’re practically flinging them at you.

And that’s how WeFiFo does a Cookie policy.

To learn more about all things WeFiFo, head to the Kitchen Drawer and the FAQ page.

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