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Season’s Eatings: The Alternative Black Friday

Thanksgiving has finally arrived: a time for excessive eating, drinking and merriment, where we give thanks for our friends, our family, our prosperity and our good fortune. Most importantly, the very core message of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for prosperous harvests and for good food.  No wonder we love celebrating it from all the way across the pond!

Yet Thanksgiving is inevitably followed by the half-dreaded, half-anticipated ‘Black Friday’, a day dedicated to frantic shoppers and bargain hunters, all in a desperate bid to bag the very best of seasonal sales. Etiquette is thrown out the window. Stomachs, stretched from the previous day’s revelry, are left empty. Tempers are frayed and budgets are blown.

It seems almost that the premise of Thanksgiving (being thankful for what we have) is immediately lost as we’re encouraged instead to think of what we want.

Here at WeFiFo, we’ve got food on our minds (which seems to be a recurring theme). We want to prolong the bliss of good eating, to continue being thankful, to fill our stomachs rather than empty our bank accounts. So we’ve compiled a three course meal (including cocktails, of course!) made up entirely of black foods, perfect for Black Friday feasting.

(What’s more, the whole menu works out at about £4.80 per head!)

To start:

Nigella’s ‘Squink’ risotto (£0.82 per head)


Jamie’s Costa Rican black bean stew  (£1.68 per head)


Charcoal ice cream (£0.69 per head)


Black Lagoon Cocktail (£1.60 per cocktail)

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