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Season’s Eatings: Savvy Christmas

Picture the scene: you’re just settling down for a long winter’s nap, when the phone rings. It’s your mother, informing you that, this year, it had been collectively decided that Christmas should be spent at your house.  This news, although half-anticipated (you’ve enjoyed the hospitality of your parents for too long, and carefully evaded eye contact when the question of Christmas hosting was brought up) is not met enthusiastically.

Perhaps the onslaught of relatives in the festive season is the stuff of nightmares for you, especially when figuring out how you’re going to afford everything necessary to satisfy everyone during the Christmas season. Whilst we’re leaving the gift shopping up to you, we’ve figured out how to save some precious pennies on that dreaded Christmas lunch.

So, for those wishing to be savvy whilst hosting this Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of these festive necessities that won’t put you too much out of pocket.

So, if you’re savvy, you could be looking to easily spend £43.42 on your hungry guests for all the Christmas meal necessities with all the trimmings(including the alcohol!) You could also easily ask each of your guests to give a few pounds towards your expenses (after all, this works out at about £7.30 per head!) Even if they’re unwilling to splash the cash, you could quite feasibly ask them to contribute in other ways, by making mince pies or Christmas crackers, to reduce your expenses even further.

So all you need do is sit back and relax in the knowledge you’ve been savvy this Christmas, and serve up your deliciously cheap meal with plenty of helpings of festive cheer.

[Photographs: Timothy Tyndale and Jon Stefani]

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