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Season’s Eatings: Splurging Christmas

When starting to write up plans for various Christmas dinner price ranges, we thought’d be a bit of fun to find the priciest of festive treasures and find out how much it would cost to live life from the perspective of the rich and famous. This meant scouring the websites of London’s trendiest gourmet department stores (Harrod’s, Fortnum and Mason’s, you know the drill) to find those Christmas delicacies we can only gaze at longingly.

This inevitably turned into a wishlist of things we can only dream of being able to afford.

So there it is: if you’re really trying, you could spend a whopping £453.14 on your Christmas meal alone. Hopefully that’s a price that would satisfy your urge to splurge. Working out at £75.52 per person, you may want to consider asking your guests for a small favour (perhaps in the form of an especially nice bottle of wine) to contribute towards these eye-watering expenses.

However, if the thought of buying a Christmas pudding from Fortnum and Mason’s for £40  makes you feel a little lightheaded, you are not alone! We’ve also compiled a list of savvy and sensible Christmas meal costing that might be a little more up your street.

Maybe next Christmas we’ll be able to afford such extravagance? Fingers crossed.

[Photographs: Timothy Tyndale and Jon Stefani]

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