The Great Get Together

Last week the Jo Cox foundation launched their ‘The Great Get Together’ campaign. Asking the people of the UK to join in with one big weekend of street parties in June 2017.

The Jo Cox foundation have recognised that sharing food, engaging with your local community and coming together to celebrate can have a profound effect on how we all feel, how we treat each other as neighbours and community members and how we can positively impact the lives of those around us.

WeFiFo is showing its support to The Great Get Together and asking all our hosts to hold a Great Get Together event on Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th June.

What this event looks like is completely up to you. It could be a street party, a picnic in the local park, a bake-off, an afternoon tea for your community, a family BBQ or a three-course dinner party.

You may wish to host your event for free, to ask everyone to bring a dish or to charge a small amount as a charitable donation.

For a charity event, we normally just charge the bank transfer cost of 3.5% but as this is such a worthy cause, if you host a charity event in aid of The Great Get Together, we won’t charge you anything at all!

Create your event today, WeFiFo will market it to your local community and help you fill your seats. WeFiFo will also provide you with flyers and posters to advertise your event locally.
WeFiFo will take care of all the event admin, we record which of your guests have allergies or intolerances, provide guests with the event address and all the additional event information they need and allow you to communicate to all guests through our public and private messaging.

How ever you choose to take part, we hope you will join in with a Great Get Together. Share food, meet members of your local community and make new foodships.

Happy eating!


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