Welcome LoveHomeSwap members! Here’s £10 off your first WeFiFo event!

The core message of both LoveHomeSwap and WeFiFo is a desire to share: be it sharing food or homes, we want to bring people together, encourage people to leave their comfort zones and try something a little different whilst getting great value for money!

So that’s why we’re offering LoveHomeSwap members £10 off your first WeFiFo event! Here’s a bit more about us so you’ll want to book straight away…

WeFiFo connects hosts with guests, allowing people to set up their own supper club, pop-up or even restaurant in their chosen kitchen, which is often at their home. Carefully focusing on building communities, WeFiFo markets local events to people nearby. So, it not only allows home cooks to turn their dining room into a restaurant, serving up meals to paying customers without the commitments that come with running a venue, but it gives both locals and tourists the chance to broaden their culinary horizons, and dine on local, authentic, homemade food in a unique setting whilst meeting new and interesting people and all at affordable prices!

But don’t just take our word for it, see what our community says about us:

“Every mouthful a treat, enjoyed it all and went home with my taste buds singing. Really enjoyed the evening and will be booking again in the not too distant future. Highly recommended.”   Janet Chadwick

“A truly wonderful night! Met new fantastic people that made me belly laugh all evening!”   Luciana Moore

“Our host created a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in their home that’s hard to replicate at a standard restaurant.”   Lisa Wilcox

“The food was delicious and everyone was so warm and friendly. An exceptional evening and one I just would not have ever discovered, were it not for WeFiFo.”   Nicola Ibison

“I met a wide range of people from all ages, backgrounds and careers. This is the best part of WeFiFo; sitting at a table with complete strangers who are all there for the purpose of a nice meal with others. In a city where talking to strangers is so discouraged, it was nice to be in an environment where it was completely accepted. This was my first event booked through WeFiFo, but won’t be my last!”   Steve Peca

Register your WeFiFo account today (it’s free!) and email us at with the code: LoveHomeSwap100 and we’ll put 100 cookies into your account (Cookies are currency at WeFiFo and 100 cookies are worth £10!).  We look forward to sharing food with you soon!


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