Booking a Seat For One

Turning up to an event alone can be scary, but with WeFiFo it doesn’t have to be.

We tracked down a guest who had done just that, Jules, and asked her to tell us how it felt to book a seat for one at a WeFiFo event…

Now this was a tricky one for me – go to a dinner party, on my own, with a group of people I had never met… Sound easy?  Believe me, it isn’t.  When I was younger I probably wouldn’t have thought twice, but at 50 and single, albeit contentedly so, it was a tough call.  However, I decided to be brave – and I couldn’t be more pleased that I did.

I drove to a farm, off the beaten track in Sussex, and, with trepidation and more than a little angst, I wandered up the drive and bumped into a group of people at the gate, none of whom were familiar.  We walked over to the lawn where a gazebo was set up and as we greeted the host, we were all offered a rather beautiful little frozen cocktail and sat down as a rather quiet group.  With slightly formal introductions over, the man on my left brought out of his bag a bottle of English wine and ice was immediately broken – it’s amazing what a shared love of something can do – and from that moment on I knew the evening was going to be OK. As we all relaxed, the conversation started to fly back and forth across the table.  Strangely, or perhaps not so strangely, we found out that we all had various things in common – mainly connected to food and wine! Once we had all settled into our second glasses, we were lead down a winding garden path to a circular wooden Scandinavian hut, complete with reindeer skins and a roaring fire.  We shuffled round the benches, all obviously excited about the evening ahead, and raised our glasses.  From that moment on, there was no looking back.

No awkward silences, no embarrassed pauses, no difficult conversations. Our hosts, Jon and Seni, were so welcoming we really did feel as if we were friends coming for dinner. Jon, the chef for the evening, talked us through each course as it arrived – prawns in a mango dressing followed by the best beef curry I think I’ve ever tasted.  The food was superb and the portions generous – although I think nearly all of us managed second helpings!  As glasses were topped up, the conversation became more animated (and very lively) and the whole hut was filled with uproarious laughter. We talked about everything (although we agreed early on that Politics was off the menu) and the hours flew by.


Towards the end of the evening, Jon and Seni arrived with various flavours of sublime homemade ice cream and while we all fell into a hushed reverie they told us about the farm, the food, and the WeFiFo journey.  At about 11.30pm, the evening drew to a close and I left with the warmest feeling, as if I had been to supper with old friends and I really hope we all meet again soon.

Having taken the first step and been to an event on my own I can honestly say I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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