New friends, good food – what more could you ask for? By Julia Jepps – WeFiFo Blog
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New friends, good food – what more could you ask for? By Julia Jepps


Today’s blog is brought to you by WeFiFo guest Julia Jepps. Julia attended her first event last month and has very kindly shared her thoughts, feelings and findings… Thanks Julia!

The concept of supper clubs has been around for a while – a couple of years back I went to my first supper club in Chichester.  It was a strange experience – I was the only solo in a group and everyone else was getting smashed.  And the food, the main point of the evening, was so-so.  So, I had parked the idea of supper clubs for the time being…. until I came across WeFiFo.

The idea of sharing food in a stranger’s home is a good one, particularly now when so many people live alone or away from friends or family.  And in the age of the ready meal, having something lovingly prepared by someone else is a real treat. Sharing bread is an age-old concept and we often hear how in very poor countries, strangers are still welcomed by sharing the small amount of food that is available.  Indeed, it was this kind of generosity that inspired the founder of WeFiFo to start her unique business.  I found this out at a recent WeFiFo event as I am lucky enough to live close to their HQ in rural Sussex.  Serendipity had led me to their door; a client mentioning a fantastic evening hosted by a WeFiFo home cook and then spotting a huge roadside banner reminded me to sign up to the website.

The website promised a plethora of culinary experiences from Russian evenings, to vegan feasts; food tours of Secret London to foraged food banquets.  My mouth was watering as I scrolled through the many options available.  Common sense prevailed – a trip to Lancashire to eat dinner wasn’t really do-able.  Luckily, the site allowed me to search my local area and again, my luck was in with a range of events literally on my doorstop.  The first event available combined two loves – literature and food.  A fabulous book club supper featuring two amazing authors reading from their novels, Q&A and then a barbeque.  I was particularly excited as I had just read one of the featured author’s, Chris Cleve, latest book “Only the Brave are Forgiven” and it was one of the most wonderful books I had read in ages.

The evening exceeded my expectations.   The farmhouse venue set the tone with magical gardens and beautiful rustic outbuildings as the backdrop to the evening.  We were ushered into a wonderful converted barn aka The Library, where our two authors gave us a short reading.  An intense session of questions followed – no-one wanted it to end but the food called.  A local barbeque company served delicious chicken, burgers and sausages with coleslaw.  A simple feast, but tasty and generous.  Homemade ice-cream made for a grand finale.  We left with our minds and tastebuds tingling from our lovely evening.  Whether with a friend or partner, or alone, everyone was friendly and conversations quickly struck up amongst strangers sharing a special experience.

Only a few days later, I was back to enjoy a smaller event billed as a feast in a Scandi Hut. This is a wooden structure featuring a fire pit and chimney – rather like a yurt, but more solid and smaller.  We started our evening sipping drinks in the wildflower garden before climbing into the womb-like hut.  Marinaded prawns started the feasting – quickly consumed and enjoyed. Then, our host John produced a wonderful curry, dahl and rice with wood-baked chapatis.  Delicious flavours and plenty for the hungry feasters.  Some homemade ice cream finished the meal – Ferrero Rocher ice-cream being my favourite!  With this ice-cream you are spoiling us, Ambassador!

If you love food, meeting new people and  trying different experiences WeFiFo is perfect for you.  And for the less food-adventurous, I believe that there are hosts offering Sunday Roasts or Spaghetti and Meatballs nights.  It’s not expensive – although one or two events do have premium prices – most are from £10 to £30 a head.  And if you love to cook or fancy your chances as a chef, what a great way to try your hand and make some money.  The website gives all the information necessary for you to join in as a guest, host or both.

Give it a go – WeFiFo is WeFiFab!

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