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What You Need To Know About Serving Alcohol

Alcohol can be an important ingredient in the overall success of a shared meal, supper club or pop-up. There are, however, some important guidelines to be aware of if you intend to serve alcohol at a WeFiFo event.

We would ask you to read the following information and make sure you are aware of the restrictions and of what you can and can’t do according to the UK licensing laws.

Serving alcohol at a WeFiFo event:

When you are hosting a paid for event through WeFiFo, you are not allowed to offer any alcohol to your guests unless you are officially licensed premises or hold a Temporary Event Notice. The later are obtainable through an online application process and cost £21. You can apply for one here: and can secure up to 50 a year.

If you are hosting a free event through WeFiFo then the serving of alcohol is permissible. The requirement for a license covers only those events where there is a paid for element. It is not permissible to have a paid for event and serve complimentary alcoholic drinks – the price paid for the food is deemed to cover any alcohol served.

Should you pop-up at a venue that holds an alcohol license then, of course, the sale of alcohol is permissible.  If you intend to serve alcohol at an event then please ensure that any venue you choose either has a license or apply for a temporary event license.

For the avoidance of doubt, if you serve any alcohol at a private, paid for event in the UK, whether it be a complimentary welcome drink or wine with your meal and don’t have a license then you are technically breaking the law.

Please click the following link for more information on the UK licensing laws.

Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB):

If you are happy for guests to consume alcohol in your home/venue and the meal is booked on a ‘Bring Your own’ basis, your guests may of course bring, and drink, their own alcohol.  Please do make sure you have ticked the correct boxes in the ‘Further Event Details’ section when you are uploading your event.

For those guests who bring their children to your events, children aged 16-17 can drink alcohol for consumption with their meal, as long as they are accompanied by an individual aged 18 or over, but we would encourage you to ask for ID if this is the case.

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