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Just Eat, together

For those of us who keep an eye on the forces, trends and business currents that shape the food that ends up on our plates and, as importantly, who we eat it with; the recent investments and movements in both the take-away and social eating spaces highlight a fascinating moment in the history of our relationship with food.

Food can be a private pleasure, a social delight, a solitary treat or a public gesture. There can be as much pleasure taken in a solitary bowl of noodles as there can be in a big family feast and recent announcements from the businesses serving both scenarios reveal two very different approaches.

On one side of the fence, businesses like Deliveroo and Uber Eats have been attracting big investment. The recent announcement of Eat With’s £1.5bn valuation points towards a continued appetite to grow the take-away food sector and backing for companies that enable people to experience less social interaction as they acquire and consume their food.

Coming from the other side of the table there are those companies that are encouraging people to eat together. WeFiFo operates at the heart of the sharing economy. WeFiFo encourages, supports and celebrates the urge to share food as opposed to simply eating it. WeFiFo is a passionate believer in the power of eating together both as a private pleasure but also as a social force for good.

Importantly the avowed aim of bringing people together with food has also won considerable investment and backing around the world. In the UK The John Lewis Partnership has just announced their investment in WeFiFo. In backing the business and planning a series of co-ventures to revolutionise the social eating space over the coming years, it’s encouraging to see a reaffirmation, from two of the most trusted brands in the UK, of the value of eating together and the communal benefits of sharing food.

We couldn’t be more delighted to be working with The John Lewis Partnership but it represents something more than the backing of a specific business. It’s a counter-strike against the bet on lonely, it’s powerful riposte to the reality of social isolation.

We are at our best when we work as a community, food tastes best when it’s shared.

Just eat – together.

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