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Soup in a Stiletto (and why you should never use wooden chopping boards as plates)

People like to eat different things in different ways. A bowl of soup held up to the mouth and slurped from noisily  is perfectly acceptable in some situations, just as fried, vinegar-drenched fish, picked at from the pages of a newspaper is perfect in others. People eat from paper, sticks, porcelain, tin, enamel, china, wood, slates, fireman’s shovels, shoes, wheel barrows and streams of lava. Not to mention their fingers.  The internet is full of celebration of and despair at the various things food can be served from. And we’re not joking about the stream of lava

We say each to their own – if you want to eat soup from a stiletto

Or salad from a plant pot

Then be our guest. We should warn you that there is a strong backlash against such imaginative techniques – the images above are taken from


As a community that welcomes hosts, cooks and chefs, as well as diners, we think it even more important to stress that however creative you at to be in your serving suggestions, it is vital that you consider the cleanliness and sterilisation requirements of your flights of fancy.


One story caught our eye this week from our food safety partners, Food Alert. It was of a £50,000 fine handed out to a UK restaurant for serving their food on wooden boards that were not cleaned well enough,


“A restaurant in Birmingham has just been fined £50,000 for failing to comply with food safety standards. One of the summonses was for the use of wooden boards to serve food, which could not be cleaned sufficiently and therefore created a risk of food poisoning, ultimately jeopardising the health of customers dining at the premises”

A sobering reminder that we should be free to set our tables as we wish, but that the safety of our guests should always be our top priority.


So, please, feel free to serve your radishes on Rubix Cubes, your tabbouleh on tricycles, your cakes on carousels , but do make sure they are clean. Also, perhaps leave the lava to the experts.


For the full advice on what sort of wood to use and the latest official advice visit or click this link.


Safe cooking,


The WeFiFo Team.

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