Summer Spring Rolls Recipe

by Laura Scott from The Epsom Supper Club

Serves 4


1 packet rice paper rolls (12 will serve 4 people as an appetiser)

300g vermicelli rice noodles soaked in boiling water until cooked

50g beansprouts

2 carrots peeled and grated

1/2 cucumber cut into matchsticks

1 red pepper cut into matchsticks

1 bunch coriander leaves only

1 bunch mint leaves only


Dip the rice paper circular roll into a large bowl of cold water until it becomes soft and pliable (about 10 seconds) then remove and shake off excess water.

Place rice paper roll onto a clean work surface and fill the central area (like you would fill a wrap) with a line of herbs, leaving the ends clear so you can roll them up easily.

Top the herbs with a line of rice noodles, followed by a few beansprouts, a couple of sticks of red paper, cucumber and some grated carrot.

Fold over the ends of the rice paper roll then bring in one side to wrap and cover the central filling.

Continue rolling until the rice paper forms a roll which should stick itself together as it will still be slightly wet.

Cover the rolls with damp kitchen roll or a damp cloth until you are ready to eat them. You can do this an hour or two ahead.

Serve the vegetable summer rolls with a sweet chilli sauce or a soy, spring onion and ginger dipping sauce.

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