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WeFiFo's Week

Polo pop ups & MasterChef suppers

We’ve got a number of exciting events taking place across the country to brighten up your days. From immersive dining experiences and pop ups with MasterChef champions to suppers with Home Cooks and new WeFiFo hosts, we’ve got something for everyone!

This week at WeFiFo, restauranteur Bradley Green popped up at the polo, guests joined long sharing tables and dined in the Royal Pavilion to feast on a delicious three course menu before the polo.

Give immersive theatre and dining group, Funicular Productions a warm WeFiFo welcome. Funicular host unique pop ups on a luxurious train at Pedley Street, London where guests can enjoy a delicious dinner with an interactive theatre experience… all at once!

Say hello to Eats & Beats, our newest host to join the WeFiFo community. Eats & Beats host a Supper Club in East London combining great food with great music! E&B are hosting their first WeFiFo charity Supper Club on Saturday 7th September in honour of the Brixton Soup Kitchen.

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