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Hosting Top Tips

The secret ingredients for hosting a spectacular Supper Club with WeFiFo…

Whether you’re hosting for a table of 6 or a table of 40, we know that hosting for any number of guests can be daunting (especially if it’s your first time!) From dressing the table and welcoming your guests to checking your menu and pre event preparations, we know how stressful this can be which is why together with our WeFiFo professional chefs, Supper Club hosts and Home Cooks we’ve written our top Dos and Don’ts to help you deliver a successful Supper Club.

Prep is key

It’s important that you enjoy your evening just as much as your guests, which is why we encourage you to prep as much as you can prior to the event. This will ease some of the pressure off of you and give you back control – giving you time to enjoy your evening and socialise with guests.

– Advice from Niraj’s Kitchen

Check dietary requirements

Your guests are extremely important when it comes to hosting. Which is why we encourage you to ensure dietary requirements are established before the event. Email your guests 48 hours before the event or write a description in your menu to let guests know you do/do not have alternative options.

– Advice from Laura, Epsom Supper Club

Set the house rules

Your safety is very important which is why we encourage you to set ‘House Rules’, this could be setting a finish time, holding back cutlery between courses or simply BYOB. When your guests have arrived, run through the set rules again so you and your guests are both on the same page.

– Advice from Anya Peach


In order for your Supper Club to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, set out an itinerary prior to your event to make sure you don’t over or under run. Try printing out a guest list, menus and a timeline of the evening to help you get organised.

– Advice from Sam Bilton, Repast Supper Club

Grab a helping hand

It can be hard juggling two things at once, why not ease the pressure? Grab a friend or family member to help you serve food and keep them fed and watered along the way.

– Advice from Anya Peach

The warm WeFiFo welcome

Making your guests feel at home and offering a warm WeFiFo welcome is very important. No matter how busy you are, always remember to welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable – it’s the personal touches that set the tone of the evening and create the right atmosphere.

– Advice from Lucy, Saucy Suppers

Pre-event discussion

Take advantage of the messaging tools on WeFiFo, send a message to your guests prior to the event so they know any additional information to the evening, this adds a personal touch to the guests WeFiFo experience and can help break any apprehension amongst solo diners.

– Advice from Sally Iddles

After dinner extras

Giving your guests a little treat after their supper makes a great first impression. This may be a little goodie bag, a menu on the table or place names and can also help you market your brand and show-off your skills.

– Advice from Sally Iddles

Pre-event checks

Checking out your venue prior to the event is very important for understanding your location, equipment and what you can and can’t achieve. Make sure you choose a location which is accessible to guests, easy to get to and is well equipped with everything you need in the kitchen, you don’t want any last-minute surprises!

– Advice from Sam Bilton, Repast Supper Club

Set an ambience

Presentation is vital when setting the tone of the evening. To make your event look extra special, look into dressing your table, use fairy lights, candles, print menus or place cards to make your table more enticing.

– Advice from Anya Peach

Don’t overcomplicate the menu

It’s simple… know your limits! We know it’s easy to want to show-off your culinary skills with exotic ingredients, unique cooking methods and experimental techniques but know what you’re capable of in the time you’re given. The more Supper Clubs you host, the more experience you’ll gain. You’ll be impressing your guests with your crème brûlée in no time!

– Advice from Greg Lewis

Don’t forget your guests

We know how easy it can be to get carried away in the kitchen and put all your effort behind your favourite dishes, but remember, your guests are there to enjoy your company too! Give your guests plenty of time to get to know you and don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way!

– Advice from The Wombat Supper Club

Don’t give up!

Even if ticket sales are slow, believe in what you’re doing and other people will believe in you too! Remember, we will help and support you every step of the way!

– Advice from Lucy, Saucy Suppers

Don’t take it personally

We know as much as you that reviews are integral to the success of a Supper Club host but sometimes the feedback isn’t as kind or glowing as expected. Just remember for every person who gives you one negative review, hundreds of other people are raving about you and your talent. Be constructive, learn from it and keep cooking!

– Advice from Rajiv’s Kitchen

Order of service

Trying to plate all four courses for 20 people may be time-consuming and stressful. Why not try alternating the styles of service to make it easier for yourself. Take a look at using sharing platters or creating a smaller menu.

– Advice from Mike Keen

Don’t forget to advertise!

Use the right promotional tools to help build an audience. To get started ask local shops/ suppliers to put posters up in their windows (maybe use them as a supplier to return the favour!) and make sure you heavily promote on social media. Before you do, it’s a good idea to have lots of yummy food content ready to share on your social media pages.

– Advice from Sophie, Meze & More

Reviews and ratings

Ratings and reviews are vital to hosting. They are the method that WeFiFo uses to confirm an event has taken place and this confirmation triggers a payment. So make sure you let your guests know how the platform works and how writing a review will help entice guests to come to future events!

– Advice from Dinner at Marias

Attend another WeFiFo event

When you begin to host at WeFiFo, we highly recommend attending another WeFiFo in your area. This is the best way to pick up tricks and tips from other hosts. Remember, our wonderful host mentor Maria is always on hand to give you guidance throughout your WeFiFo adventure.

– Advice from Dinner at Marias

Don’t overprice your menu

Whether you’re hosting a 7 course tasting menu or a simple sharing platter, make sure you set an appropriate price per head. To do this, think wisely.

To do this, think:

1. Am I serving alcohol with my menu?
2. How complicated are my ingredients?
3. What’s realistic?

– Advice from Rajiv’s Kitchen

Don’t be afraid!

It may be easy to play it safe but have fun and be creative with your menu! It doesn’t have to be complicated but experiment with recipes and flavours and try your menu out on your friends and family. Don’t be afraid to cook outside-of-the-box!

– Advice from Tim Maddams

We hope our host’s top tips and tricks will help you on your WeFiFo journey. If you ever need guidance or support remember you can always send us an email at Before you take your next step to become a WeFiFo host, check out our rules on serving alcohol, achieving your Level 2 Food Safety certification and how to receive a 5* food hygiene rating.

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